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A spectacular, lovingly imagined property that comes close to a 5-star experience at a fraction of the price. Everything from the food to the pool area (straight jaw-dropping) to the spa, and especially the sea views (160m of beachfront), are magical.

It would be hard to find an equivalent hotel on Bali's coast and it's impossible to find one elsewhere on Lombok.

This hotel is a destination in itself. [2013]


Gorgeous spa where you select your choice of oil (uplifting, harmony) depending on the effect and mood you require from your massage, which includes Thai, Balinese and shiatsu. [2013]


OUR TOP CHOICE. Contemporary Hotel. $$ Lombok's hippest hotel enterprise now occupies two (almost) neighboring beachfront plots, with a third venture forthcoming and a couple of amazing villas in the hills to boot. This is the most popular address on Lombok: the hotels exude contemporary élan while maintaining excellent levels of comfort and service, and value for money. Rooms are sleek and modern, with impressive attention to detail and modern artistic flourishes; the gardens are gorgeous (with a 30m pool and vistas of Bali). Qunci Pool Villas (home to one of Lombok's best spas) is a little more upmarket than the original Qunci. Both places have a great restaurant. [2011]


International $$ (mains from 52,000Rp) This terrific, hip hotel-restaurant has a well- selected modern menu of Asian and European dishes. Book ahead and bag a table right on the shore; it's an incredibly romantic setting.


Gorgeous spa where you select your choice of oil (uplifting, harmony) depending on the effect and mood you require from your massage (from US$30), which includes Thai, Balinese and shiatsu. There's a huge Java stone tub for really luxuriant bath treatments.


Qunci Villas is Lombok' hippest hotel, combining textbook minimalist design with Balinese and Japanese influence. The rooms are undeniably gorgeous (book room eight for the best sea view) and popular with moneyed Europeans and rich kids from Jakarta. There is a small pool at the ocean's edge and a very fine restaurant. You'll find the staff are extremely well trained and welcoming. For the seriously wealthy, up in the hills behind the hotel are two villas that come close to defining Lombok luxe. [2008]

Senggigi's most stylish hotel is also a great deal. Rooms have indoor and outdoor living rooms and bathrooms; the pool bar and tasty restaurant (below) are outfitted with cool block-wood furnishings; and the staff are warm and friendly. Book ahead during high season. [2009]


Abutting the beach in Mangsit, this terrific hip-hop hotel restaurant has a modern menu with both Asian and European dishes. [2009]

Jl. Raya Mangsit, Senggigi, Lombok
Telephone : +62 370 693 800
Email : stay@quncivillas.com

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